Lednice Castle

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Lednice Castle ( 640x480 )
Lednice castle is one of the most significant parts of Lednice-Valtice cultural landscape. It was the property of LIECHTENSTEIN family, who used it as their summer residence. It is surrounded by a large French garden and an enormous park with many romantic buildings. The whole area has been the part of the World Heritage Site of UNESCO since 1996.

The very first building on the site was the villa in the 17th century. Originally it was owned by the Orphan family. Nevertheless, they did not have enough economic abilities, so the mansion was left to more skillful Liechtenstein family. An artificial cave was built under the villa in that time. At the end of 17th century a castle architect J. B. Fischer designed and built a riding hall, which is the oldest preserved part of the present castle. The current look of the Lednice Castle is the result of rebuilding from 1846 to 1858 in the style of Tudor Neo-Gothic according to the architect Jiří Wingelmüller.

Most of the original furnishing of the castle was destroyed and lost at the end of the WWII and in following communist socialization. Liechtenstein family took lots of things to Liechtenstein in 1943.

The castle tour is made of two independent parts: showing rooms and private earl apartments. The rooms on the ground floor are typical for their woodcarving decorations. A new part of the castle tour was added in 1995. It shows the private rooms of princess Frantiska of Liechtenstein, widow of Alois II, the creator of the romantic rebuilding of the castle. The second floor originally belonged to children; nowadays there is the picture gallery. The part of the castle is a big greenhouse on its east site. The castle is opened from April to October (in these two months only during the weekends). From May to September it is opened every day except Mondays.
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