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GPS N49.226864°,E17.668977°
Zlín is a statutory town situated in the part of Czech Republic called Morava, in Zlínsky County. It is industrial and business centre of Morava.

The entire area of the town is 118,85 square kilometers and the average height above sea level is 230 metres. It lies it the vale of the small river Dřevnice and it is surrounded by woods from north as well as from south. There are good sports and cultural possibilities for inhabitants (approximately 80 000 people live there). Despite the fact that Zlín lies out of the main traffic artery, tourism is slowly developing.

The town was mentioned in written documents for the first time in 1322. In its history, year 1894 is quite important. Tomaš Baťa established his shoemaker’s company, which became very successful and after 1926 Zlín became modern town centre. Baťa invited many renowned architects to the town (e.g. Le Corbusier) and so a lot of functionalist buildings arose here. The most famous is 77,5 metres high skyscraper “Twenty-one” (Jedenadvacítka), the headquarters of Baťa company. The town was bombed during the World War II and after war it was renamed; the new name was Gottwaldow (since 1 January 1949), after the first communist president Klement Gottwald. During the 60s the town was famous mostly for animated-cartoons workshops connected with names Karel Zeman and Hermína Týrlová. On 1 January 1990 the town got back it original name Zlín. In 2000 the University of Tomáš Baťa was founded.

As far as the division of the town is concerned, there are 16 cadastral areas: Jaroslavice u Zlína, Klečůvka, Kostelec u Zlína, Kudlov, Lhotka u Zlína (with municipal parts Chlum aand Lhotka), Louky nad Dřevnicí, Lužkovice, Malenovice u Zlína, Mladcová, Příluky u Zlína (with municipal parts Příluky and Zlín), Prštné, Salaš u Zlína, Štípa, Velíková, Zlín and Želechovice nad Dřevnicí. The main zip code is 760 01.

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