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Massena Square in the Vielle quarter is considered to be the centre of Nice; the city life revolves around this geographic centre. Place Masséna is without a doubt Nice's most famous square and certainly the most impressive. It marks the intersection of Old Nice and New Nice. It was originally created in 1832, and it has been redesigned several times since then and in 1835 it was finally named in honor of one of the city's most famous citizens. This beautifully landscaped plaza of fountains, statues, trees, flowers is a centrepiece where Nice’s citizens and visitors can stroll and admire the surrounding architecture and gardens. On the northern side of the square you will find elegant buildings with arcades tinted in that famous Pompeian red. To the East, enjoy a beautiful perspective with a view towards the hills with their Tuscan charm. The huge fountain, Fountaine du Soleil, whose bronzes signed by Alfred Jannoit represents the planets of the solar system. The rest of the square is surrounded by the Albert I and Masséna gardens. During th shopping spree, one can satisfied his tastes here. France's #1 department store, Galeries Lafayette is located here and also the pedestrian shopping street Rue de France runs from the end of the Place Massena, parallel to the seaside. Here you will find shops, restaurants and cafés with outdoor terraces - a great place to sit and relax. During the Carnival, it comes as no surprise that the King's float takes pride of place in this very spot. Place Masséna is also one of the city's key central points, from here one can get to everywhere easily by walking, by bus and soon by tram.
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