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GPS N51.224948°,E6.775818°
Düsseldorf is a city in Germany. It is the capital city of German state North Rhine-Westphalia. Being the second most internationally and economically important centre of the country after Frankfurt, it is the centre of one of Europe’s most populated metropolitan area. Düsseldorf is renowned for its events and fashion and trade fairs.

The history of the place started to be written in the 7th and 8th centuries, when the odd farming or fishing settlement could be found at the point where the small river Düssel flows into the Rhine. The first written mention of the town of Düsseldorf dates back to 1135. 14 August 1288 is one of the most important dates in the history of Düsseldorf as it was on this day that the sovereign Count Adolf V of Berg granted the village on the banks of the Düssel the Town privileges.

Düsseldorf lies on the delta of Dussel and Rhine Rivers. It was built on alluviums, muds, sands, clays and gravels. It covers the area of 217 square kilometers (84 square miles) and is divided into 10 districts and 49 boroughs. The climate of Düsseldorf is the same like in the rest of the lower Rhinelands – mild winters and moderately warm summers.

The population of the city is over half a million, close to 600,000, the population density is 2,683 inhabitants per square kilometer. 17 % of the population is foreigners, mostly from Turkey, Greece and Italy. It has the third-largest Jewish community in Germany and together with its surroundings the third-largest Japanese community in Europe (the largest in Germany).

As far as economy is concerned, Düsseldorf is the city of advertising and fashion, and lately also one of the telecommunications centres in Germany. There are also many foreign trading centres in Düsseldorf such as NTT, Ericsson, Sandvik, Nokia and GTS; as well as headquarters of several major companies like L'Oréal, Henkel, E.ON, ThyssenKrupp, Metro, Ergo, LTU or Cognis. Daimler AG builds the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Volkswagen Crafter light commercial vehicles here. Düsseldorf International Airport is the third largest commercial airport in Germany. The city is a major hub in the Deutsche Bahn (DB) railway network; more than 1,000 trains stop in Düsseldorf every day. Several S-Bahn lines connect Düsseldorf to the other cities of Rhine-Ruhr.

Düsseldorf's most famous contribution to the culture of modern popular music is without doubt the avant-garde electronic music band Kraftwerk. Internationally-known power metal band Warlock was formed in Düsseldorf in 1982 and the punk band Die Toten Hosen, which is famous around the world, also the most popular singers in Germany Westernhagen and Heino come from Düsseldorf.
There are several theatres in the city (e.g. Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus; Kom(m)ödchen, which is political cabaret or Capitol) as well as museums (e.g. Goethe-Museum, Filmmuseum (Film museum), Heinrich-Heine-Institut). There are also botanical gardens there. The university in Düsseldorf is named after Heinrich Heine. Düsseldorf is well-known for its beer known as Altbier. One of the biggest cultural events in Düsseldorf is the Düsseldorfer Karneval which starts every year on 11 November at 11:11 a.m., and reaches its climax on Running Monday, featuring a huge parade through the streets of Düsseldorf. It ends on Ash Wednesday.

To the most famous buildings in the city belong Rheinturm (TV tower) the town's landmark the lights on which comprise the world's largest digital clock, the Gehry buildings, the Colorium, an 18 storey tower, the Benrather Schloss (Benrath palace), St. Suitbertus Basilica or Gerresheim Basilica. Some of the famous places are Kö (Königsallee), a well-frequented shopping street with luxuries shops, Altstadt (Düsseldorf), the old town, Düsseldorf-Hafen, the harbour - a modern built district, Kaiserswerth, historical district with the ruined castle of Barbarossa Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor or Hofgarten, old city park.

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