Pagoda on Holloway Circus

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Pagoda on Holloway Circus ( 480x640 )
The Chinese Pagoda in Birmingham is located on the Holloway Circus, a large traffic island, at the entrance to the Chinese Quarter. It was financed by Mr Yip to recognize the strong Chinese tradition in the city.

The Chinese Quarter covers the area of Hurst Street, Ladywell Walk and Pershore Street. It is an area with predominantly Chinese influence (Chinese business, organizations, social clubs), marked also by Chinese architecture (Chinese style roofs and wall murals with scenes typical for the Silk Road). It first emerged in 1960s; nevertheless, it was officially recognized in 1980s.

Pagoda is one of the landmarks that mark the Chinese Quarter. It was made of granite and it is seven storeys tall. It was unveiled in May 1998 and donated by the Wing Yip Group - a Chinese owned business with links with Birmingham. Pagoda was erected with a five year delay, because the roundabout where it stands needed extra strengthening so it can bear the weight of 86 tons. It is surrounded by several benches and six guardians. The pagoda is lit up in a variety of colours in the dark.
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