City Chambers, view from the main street

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City Chambers, view from the main street ( 480x640 )
Dunfermline City Chambers is a historical building in the centre of Dunfermline used by local government. In recent years many of its functions have been devolved to other locations. However, it is still home to Council Chambers, the Burgh Court and Dunfermline’s Registrar Office.

The building was constructed in the years 1875-79. It was designed by James C Walker, the same architect who had designed the first Carnegie Library. The style combines feathers of French, Gothic and Scots baronial styles with the four-faced clock tower that dominates the building. The site was previously occupied by an older Town House built here in 1771. There are heraldic stones recovered from this building used in the construction of the City Chambers.

The interior of the City Chambers is finely designed. There is for example oak hammer beam roof ceiling or historic police cells, although no longer in use. Within the furnishings there are some notable artworks like busts of several Scottish sovereigns, a statue of Robert Burns, Sir Joseph Noel Paton's painting, Spirit of Religion, and an early twentieth century portrait of King Malcolm and Queen Margaret.
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