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The City Chambers in Edinburgh is located on the Royal Mile, in the very heart of the city. It is the place where the City of Edinburgh Council conducts much of its business. In particular, members of the public can attend most meetings of the Council, Committees and Sub-Committees.

The building was designed in Neo-classical style by John Adams in 1753. The construction was finished in 1761. The building is built around three sides of a piazza, fronted by an arched colonnade. In the courtyard there stands a bronze statue of Alexander the Great, training his wild horse Bucephalus created by Sir John Steell.

Initially the building had been planned as Royal Exchange. However, the merchants themselves preferred the taverns at the High Street, thus the Town Council took over part of the building in 1811 and proceeded to purchase the remainder later in the century, ordering major extensions which were completed between 1898 and 1903, including the northern range.
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