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Glasgow City Hall is a concert hall and old fruitmarket in the Merchant City, Glasgow.
The complex of City Halls and old market was designed in 1882 by John Carrick. However, the grand hall itself was designed earlier (in 1841) by George Murray. It was the first such a hall in the city and it played host to many famous people like Benjamin Disraeli, Chrles Dickens or Lajos Kossuth and featured concerts by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, was used for concerts by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, until the opening of Glasgow Royal Concert Hall in 1990. It has also been a venue for many of Glasgow's Festivals, including Celtic Connections, Mayfest and the Jazz Festival, as well as political and trade union gatherings. The Fruitmarket is directly adjoined to the City Hall. It was a functional market until 1970s.

The City Hall underwent a major renovation and it was reopened in 2006. The building now comprises of three main parts. The first one is the 'Grand Hall', or main City Hall auditorium with very fine acoustics seating 1066 people. The stage can accommodate an orchestra of over 90 members and there are choir seats for 110 musicians. The hall is the home of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra which rehearses records and performs here. It is also used regularly by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra for its Glasgow concerts and by the Scottish Ensemble among others. Then there is the Recital Room suitable for chamber music, seating around 100. And finally the Old Fruitmarket that still has its market character with a flexible capacity of 1000-2000. It is used mostly for jazz and folk concerts, as well as for more experimental contemporary music events.

The Glasgow City Halls also houses the Scottish Music Centre, offices and recording facilities for the BBC SSO, and extensive music education facilities.
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