Hutchesons' Hall, view from the side

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Hutchesons' Hall, view from the side ( 480x640 )
Hutchensons’ Hall is one of the most elegant buildings in Glagsow city centre. It was built in years 1802 to 1805 according to a design of David Hamilton. There was a major renovation that heightened the building. It took in 1876 by John Baird. He also added an impressive staircase. The front facade includes the statues from earlier building (1641) of the founders of Hutchensons’ Hall – George and Thomas (They were two Glasgow lawyers who left funds in trust to build a school for poor boys, orphans and also old men. Hutchinson Hall eventually gave way to Hutchenson’s Grammar School – fee-paying school). The walls inside are decorated by portraits of important people of Glasgow.
Nowadays there are held different exhibition. A permanent multi-media exhibition, 'Glasgow Style', includes film and a gallery selling work by young Glasgow designers. The gallery is opened every day except Christmas Day and it is for free. However, some exhibitions can be charged. Downstairs at Hutchison's Hall one will find a small shop, selling everything from jewellery, textiles and ceramics as well as work from young designers.
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