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Leeds College of Technology was established in 1824 as a part of Leeds Mechanics’ Institute. In 1868, it became the Leeds Institute of Science, Art and Literature. Later on it functioned as the Branch College of Engineering and Science. Its name changed to Kitson College in 1967 and finally into Leeds College of Technology. On 1 April 2009 the school merged with Leeds Thomas Danby and the Park Lane College and together they created Leeds City College. Nowadays, the former College of Technology site serves as the Technology Campus of the newly established school.

At the times when Lees College of Technology was a separate school, it offered further education with a strong technical bias. There were courses in a range of subjects including:
Business, Computing and IT, Health and Social Care, Motor Vehicle, Printing Technologies, Multimedia, Engineering, Electrical Installation and Electronics, and Apprenticeships. It accommodated more than 5,000 students.
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