Blackburne House

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Blackburne House ( 640x480 )
Blackburne House is a beautiful Grade II listed building, situated in Liverpool's famous Hope Street quarter, between the two cathedrals, close to the city centre. It attracts thousands of visitors each year. Nowadays its facilities include a café bar, a women’s health suite, excellent conference facilities and a 30 place nursery.

The construction of the building started in 1785 and was finished in 1790. It was originally built for John Blackburne, the Mayor of Liverpool in 1788. Nearly a century later, in 1874 was the house rebuilt and extended. At this time it also became home to Liverpool Institute High School for Girls that was commonly referred to as Blackburne House instead of its full name. However, in 1984 the school was closed and ten years later the house was reopened as Blackburne House Centre for Women.
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