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Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (often shortened to LIPA) is a school teaching different kinds of performing arts and related things (acting, dance, music, sound technology, arts management, technical theatre and theatre design). As the LIPA webpage says, it is dedicated to people who want to enter - and survive - the tough world of arts and entertainment, whether as performers or those who make performance possible.

The LIPA project joined two ideas. There was an idea of Paul McCartney who wanted to save his old school building (Liverpool Institute for Boys) that had been derelict and the idea of Mark Featherstone-Witty who had set the Brit School (school for teaching performing arts) in London and he wanted to do it also in other cities. The building that played an important role in Liverpool education was built in 1825 and it was a Liverpool landmark itself. Moreover, the City of Liverpool wanted a training initiative to help the next generation of music and performing arts makers. So the two men were introduced by a record producer Sir George Martin in 1990 and the school was opened on 7 June 1996 by the Queen. It took £20m for the facility, the curriculum and the support to maintain and develop all three.

LIPA offers nine full-time BA degrees, as well as Post Graduate Diplomas and recently it has added Master of Arts (postgraduate) programmes to its prospectus. However, not being able to issue its own degrees like other British Universities, LIPA awards "Companionships". It also offers Saturday morning and afternoon performing arts classes for 4 to 19-year-olds.

Besides education, it is also possible to see shows prepared by LIPA students here. In autumn and spring there are over 30 productions performed. They showcase the talents of all types of students at LIPA - actors, dancers, musicians, technicians, managers and designers.
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