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Municipal Building in Liverpool stands on Dale Street. It was built by town council to accommodate the growing number of administrative staff. The building is listed Grade II.

The construction of the building started John Weightman in 1860, and it was finished by E.R. Robson in 1866. The design of the building was influenced by both Italian and French Renaissance. The balcony on the third floor is supported by huge Corinthian columns. There are sixteen sandstone figures representing the arts, sciences and industries of Liverpool around the balcony. In the centre of the building is the tower with the pyramidal spire on the top. The tower has its own balconies, clocks and four bells in the centre of the roof facing Dale Street. The interior is dominated by the Rates Hall.

The back of the building was destroyed in the Second World War. Municipal Building is still in use today and is the main site for public access to the council.
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