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Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool is a concert hall located on Hope Street in a Grade II listed building. Liverpool Philharmonic Hall plays a key role in a number of Liverpool's major cultural festivals, including the Liverpool Irish Festival, Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival, and Hope Street Feast. The hall owned by Liverpool City Council is leased to the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society.

The first Philharmonic Hall on this site opened on August 27, 1849. The architect was John Cunningham and as far as acoustic was concerned, it was considered one of the best buildings in Europe. Unfortunately, it burnt down on July 5, 1933. The present hall was designed by Herbert J. Rowse and opened in 1939. The Hall was restored and refurbished in 1995. Parts of the foyer are said to be based on decoration in the tomb of Tutankhamen.

The main purpose of the building is to be the home for the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and is associates. It is one of the oldest concert-giving organizations in the world, and the second oldest in Britain (established together with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society, in 1840). The Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, as it was called then, acquired the title ‘Royal’ in 1957. The orchestra has around sixty concerts a year and besides them, there are different rock, pop, jazz and roots concerts, along with the community events, graduation ceremonies and conferences.

Philharmonic Hall also functions as a cinema. It contains the last functioning Walturdaw rising cinema screen in the world. When this art deco screen rises up from the stage for a film, it is often accompanied by organ music from Dave Nicholas. Classic films and premieres are often shown here.

Philharmonic Hall has a great tradition of bringing the top names from different music genres to Liverpool. To the famous musicians or bands that appeared here belong for example The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Buddy Holly, Blondie or Sigur Ros.
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