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St John's Gardens (officially St John’s Ornamental and Memorial Garden) is a memorial park in the centre of Liverpool (the only area of public green space within the heart of the city centre). It is located directly behind the St. George’s Hall. It was opened on 20th June 1904 and named after St. John because it was built on the former site of St. John’s Church. It is part of the William Brown Street conservation area.

The site was at first occupied by St. John’s Church in years 1783 to 1887. The terraced gardens were designed and laid out at the beginning of the 20th century by Thomas Shelmardine based on proposals by sculptor George Frampton. Its official purpose was to display public art, monuments and memorials to commemorate and celebrate Liverpool's economic, political and cultural life. The monuments were created by prominent late-Victorian and Edwardian era sculptors (Frampton, Sir Thomas Brock or Pomeroy). They commemorate the Liverpool reformers and people known for their personal philanthropic works and social improvement projects.

To the most famous monuments belong Balfour Monument, Regimental Monument or "Memorial to the King's Liverpool Regiment" (commemorates the South African War), Gladstone Memorial, Nugent Monument, Lester Monument, Forwood Monument or Rathbone Monument.
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