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West Tower under construction ( 480x640 )
West Tower stands on the waterfront in Liverpool. It is one of the city’s skyscrapers, the tallest building in Liverpool and it is the second Beetham Tower in the city. It is residential and office tower and there is also a restaurant with panoramic view. West Tower won the best Mixed Use Development Prize (best use of land, creation of an iconic building and best use of limited space).

The construction of the West Tower building started in 2005 and it was finished in 2007. It cost £35,000,000. Its architect was Aedas company, Carillion company built it for the developer – Beetham Organization. During its construction, West Tower was home to the tallest crane in the UK. The building is all glass clad. The roof of the building is in the height of 138 metres above sea level and its total height together with antenna is 140 metres. There 40 floors in the building. It was opened in 2008.

Five bottom floors belong to the Beetham Oranization. Their offices are set back between concrete columns and are fully glazed to provide an "animated façade" at street level. The 34th floor is home of the above mentioned restaurant. It is called Panoramic Restaurant Liverpool and it is the highest situated restaurant in the whole United Kingdom. In order to offer such a beautiful view across the city and even further, this floor is completely clad in a clear glass perimeter. The rest of the building is filled by luxury apartments and penthouses. There are 127 of them. The upper penthouse floors (last five floors) are tiered back to incorporate external terraces behind glazed balustrade screens.
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