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Admiralty Arch ( 640x480 )
Admiralty Arch is a large construction situated in the City of London. It leads from the Trafalgar Square into The Mall and it belongs to the London’s most famous landmarks. Despite its name, it has no naval association and it is called Admiralty Arch because of its location near Royal Navy headquarters. Actually, it adjoins Old Admiralty Building.

Moreover, Admiralty Arch is also an office building. It incorporated a number of residences for senior navy officials. Until recently it served as a hostel for homeless. Nowadays it is housing Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit and Cabinet office.

Admiralty Arch was designed by Sir Aston Webb in 1910. Its purpose was to create an elegant ceremonial passage from the Trafalgar Square towards Buckingham Palace. It was originally commissioned by King Edward VII in a memory of his mother, Queen Victoria. However, he did not live long enough to see this work completed. There is a Latin inscription on the inner side of the construction that donates this memorial connection. The building was constructed by John Mowlem & Co and it was completed in 1912. Material used for its construction was Portland stone. There are three big central arches surrounded by one small arch on each side.

The small side arches serves for crossing of the pedestrians, the two big arches on the side are used by vehicles. The central arch is closed for traffic and it is being opened just during the state occasions.
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