Marc Quinn's Statue - Alison Lapper Pregnant

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Marc Quinn's Statue - Alison Lapper Pregnant ( 480x640 )
Alison Lapper Pregnant is a sculpture created by artist Marc Quinn. It is standing in the Trafalgar Square in London and it has sparked off a debate among critics and public.

The sculpture is a portrait of naked Alison Lapper, a woman without arms, when she was 8½ months pregnant. It is carved out of one block of white marble and stands 3.55 metres high on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square. The work was done in Italy and it took ten months to finish it.

Marc Quinn chose a disabled woman because he thinks that disabled people were under-represented in art. According to Ken Livingstone, the mayor of London, the statue could provoke the discussion about disability. The statue is also the only feminine statue in the square. Other plinths in Trafalgar Square are occupied by equestrian statues of British Empire heroes (the fourth one was intended for a King William IV statue, but a lack of funds meant it remained empty). So Alison's statue could represent a new model of female heroism. Alison Lapper herself said, that is can be a "modern tribute to femininity, disability and motherhood".
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