Millenium Bridge - view from the St Paul's Cathedral

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Millenium Bridge - view from the St Paul's Cathedral ( 480x640 )
Millennium Bridge leads across the Thames River and it connects Bankside with the City. It is a footbridge located between the bridges Southwark and Blackfairs. It has been the first new bridge built over the Thames since 1894 when Tower Bridge was constructed.

The Globe Theatre, the Bankside Gallery and Tate Modern are surrounding the bridge’s south end, the north one is below St. Paul’s Cathedral, close to the City of London School.

The competition for the construction of the new bridge was announced in 1996 and it was won by Arup, Foster and Partners and Sir Anthony Caro. The construction began in 1998. Millennium Bridge is a suspension bridge made of steel with supporting cables below the deck level, giving a very shallow profile. There are two river pillars that divide the bridge into three sections (81 metres, 144 metres and 108 metres long). The overall length of the Millenium Bridge is 325 metres. The aluminium deck is 4 metres wide and it is flanked by stainless steel balustrades, supported by cables to each side. The bridge is able to carry 5,000 people at once.

The Millennium Bridge was opened on 10 June 2000 and two days later it was closed for modification, due to lateral vibration. These were also the reason why Londoners nicknamed the bridge Wobbly Bridge. The closing of the bridge caused public criticism. However, it has not been reopened until 22 February 2002.
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