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Christ Church College is one of 32 colleges of the Oxford University. It belongs to the wealthiest and largest ones. Its full name is The Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Christ in Oxford of the Foundation of King Henry the Eighth. It is the only college in the world that has also a cathedral, the seat of the Bishop of Oxford. This cathedral is the smallest in England and it serves also as the college’s chapel. Christ Church is famous also for having a well-known men and boys’ choir.

Thomas Cardinal Wolsey, Lord Chancellor of England and Archbishop of York founded Cardinal College in 1525. In 1531 the college was suppressed and refounded by Henry VIII. In 1546 the college was renamed to Christ Church as the part of re-organization of the Church of England.

The famous Gate tower on the Wholey’s Great Quadrangle was designed by Sir Christopher Wren. There is a bell inside the tower called Great Tom. It runs everyday at 9 pm 101 times, for the original 101 scholars of the college. It also signaled the closing of the gates. Besides these two parts and the cathedral there is also a great hall, two libraries, two bars and common rooms for dons, undergraduates and graduates. The gardens, neighbouring sportsground and boat-house are also parts of the Christ Church College.

Christ Church College has been seen as an aristocratic school. 13 British Prime Ministers studied here. To the most famous people who studies here belongs for example Lewis Carroll (writer), Bryan Guinness (poet and brewer), John Locke (philosopher), Albert Einstein, Sir Denys Wilkinson (nuclear physicist), Robert Hooke (polymath), John Wesley (theologian, founder of Methodism) and many more. It is known also in arts, being the setting for Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland or J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series.
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