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The New Theatre in Oxford is located on George Street and it is the main commercial theatre in the city. Wide variety of shows is performed here, from musical theatre to stand-up comedies and gigs.

It was founded in 1836 and it presented hall music entertainment. In 1886 it was replaced by new premises – home of Oxford University Dramatic Society. 6 years later the theatre was damaged by fire. In 1908 it was enlarged and since then run by Dorrill family until 1972. The present building dates back to 1933. It was designed by Milburn Brothers with an art deco style interior by T.P. Bennet and Sons.

From its opening up to 1977 the theatre was known as New Theatre. In 1977 it changed its name to Oxford Apollo Theatre. In 2003 there was a big renovation of the theatre and it re-opened using its original name again.
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