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Windsor Parish church is the church dedicated to St John the Baptist and it stands in the High Street near the Guildhall.

The church stands on the site of a 12 century church of the same name that was demolished in 1820. It had been very huge church with Saxon arches and Norman work. It had been so big (it had 10 side altars) that the cost for repair was incredibly high so it was demolished. Present church contains many memorials preserved from the Norman church. There is the plan of that mediaeval church and old vaults lie beneath the floor. Many memorials were positioned upon the present walls.

The architect of the new Parish church became Charles Hollis under the supervision of James Wyatt. The construction took two years and it was consecrated on 22 June 1822 by the Bishop of Salisbury. However, the Chancel and Apse were added in 1870 by the noted architect Samuel S. Teulon. The Chancel Screen was added in 1898.

Inside the church there are some carvings by Grinling Gibbons and some paintings. The church’s greatest treasure is “The Last Supper”, a magnificent painting of unknown origin, given by George III following alterations to the royal chapel. It is considered to be the national treasure. The painting was restored in 2003.

Windsor Parish church is a brass-rubbing centre, containing brasses from all over the Britain and Europe.
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