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Adolphe Bridge in Luxembourg City is also known as the New Bridge. At the time of its construction it was the biggest stone arch-bridge in the world. It is used by both traffic and pedestrians. It has become an unofficial national symbol, representing Luxembourg’s independence.

After the Luxemburg City expanded to south the need of a new bridge was necessary. The Adolphe Bridge was built in the years 1900 to 1903, during the reign of Grand-Duke Adolphe. It was designed by Paul Séjourné, a Frenchman, and Albert Rodange, a Luxembourger. They used reinforced concrete and sandstone for the construction. It was opened on 24 July 1903.

The bridge is 153 metres long and 17.2 metres wide; its height is 42 metres. A big double-arch has a spread 84.65 metres and it is surmounted by eight smaller arches of 5.40 metres. Two side arches that flank the central arch are 21.6 metres wide and there are further arches of 6 metres outside the medium-sized arches. It stands over the Petrusse valley and connects Boulevard Royal, in Ville Haute and Avenue de la Liberté, in Gare.

Throughout its existence the Adolphe Bridge was renovated several times. The first renovation was in 1961 and the last one so far from September 2003 to August 2004. The major renovation is planned for the year 2008.
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