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GPS N43.739724°,E7.421436°
Monaco (Principaute de Monako) is one of the smallest states in the world. Its area is just 1,95 square kilometer. Actually, it is the city with the status of the state, better to say principality. It lies “in” France, on the coast Cote d’Azur, just 8 kilometres far from boundaries with Italy, on the foreland of seaside Alps. The entire area is built-up. There are four city parts: Monaco itself with princely palace from 13th and 16th century, neo-romantic cathedral and oceanographic museum; New Monaco La Condamine with the port, banks and shops; luxurious spa Monte Carlo with casino and congress centre and the last part is Fontvieille (made on the embankment into the sea) with houses, industrial park, natural park, sport complex and new yacht port.

The first settlement on the area of present Monaco was founded in the Middle Ages by Phoenicians. Later Romans, Carthaginians and Greeks got control over it. In 12th century it became the property of Genoa Republic, since 1297 it was reigned by the clan of Grimalds. In 1524 – 1641 Monaco was under the protectorate of Spain, since 1641 under the protection of France. Periods of Monaco being a part of France and being an independent state has been changed since then. Since 1949 (to his death in 2005) prince Rainer III reigned the country. The constitution signed in 1962 divided legislative between the prince and National Council. There are no political parties in Monaco. In foreign relations is Monaco represented by France.

The climate is coastal, as well as subtropical. Basically, there is no agriculture and not major industrial branch. The most important economical branch is all-year tourism. Money comes also from sector of services, banking and insurance system, as well as from VAT and purchase tax. Monaco is connected with France in currency (Euro), economic and customs union. Monaco is a member of UN and OSCE. The official language is French.

There are somewhat more than 32 000 inhabitants, therefore the density is more than 16 000 inhabitants per square kilometre. Most of them are foreigners, mainly French (50 %) and Italian (17 %). In the sphere of religion, around 90 % are Roman Catholics.

The international abbreviation of Monaco is MCO, the label of motor vehicles is MC, the internet domain .mc and the international phone code +377.

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