National Monument at night

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National Monument at night ( 480x640 )
The National Monument is a huge obelisk, a white stone pillar, located at the centre of Dam Square in Amsterdam. It was built at the beginning of the second half of 20th century, unveiled on 4th May 1956. The monument was designed by the architect J. J. P. Qud and it was made by the sculptor John Readecker. It was designed to honour the victims of World War II. Each year on 4 May many dignitaries, including representatives of the royal family, commemorate the National Memorial Day (Nationale Dodenherdenking) – the victims of the Second World War here.

There are several sculptures on the bottom of the pillar. Two man figures are standing on the sides and another four create the relief on the front. One of them is in the position that symbolizes the crucified Jesus. A bit higher, there is the relief-like statue of woman with little boy in her arms – resembling Mary – the Holy Mother. The two lions standing beneath, few metres far, on the sides of the monument symbolize The Netherlands.
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