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Izola is an old fishing town and municipality in Primorska region in southwestern of Slovenia. It lies on the coast of Adriatic sea. Its name comes from Italian “Isola” what means island.
The area is 28.6 square kilometer and the population is nearly 14,550 with the density 508.7 inhabitants per square kilometer.

The town of Izola was established on a small island in the 7th century. It was first mentioned in writing as Insula in a Venetian document in 932AD. In 1267 it became the territory of the Republic of Venice. Later, the Venetian part of the peninsula passed to the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. When being under Napoleonic rule, from 1805 to 1813, Istria became a part of the Illyrian provinces of the Napoleonic Empire. Newly established Austrian Empire ruled Istria until November 1918 when it became part of the Kingdom of Italy. The things changed in September 1943, after Italian capitulation, when it was passed to Germany. After the end of World War II, Izola was part of Zone B of the provisionally independent Free Territory of Trieste. After the de facto dissolution of the Free Territory in 1954 it was incorporated into Slovenia, then a part of Yugoslavia.

The municipality of Izola - Isola is officially bilingual, with both Slovene and Italian as official languages. In addition to Izola town, the broader municipality includes the villages of Baredi, Cetore, Dobrava, Jagodje, Korte, Malija, Nožed, Šared.

In 1820, a thermal spring was discovered in Izola, leading to the town's earliest forms of tourism. Nowadays, Izola is usually not the tourist destination itself. However, it's a beautiful little Venetian port town with enough amenities to keep people comfortable, windy old streets to wander and sights to see, make it a worthwhile destination in its own right. There are several places here, that can be highlighted: Kavarna Galerija Zvon (café), Hotel Marina, St Maurus Church (the parish church of the town's patron saint, who is also responsible for watching over the Azores, shoemakers, coppersmiths and the disabled), Casino Izola, Wine Bar Manzioli, Gostilna Korte (restaurant) or Manzioli Palace. There are many art galleries, summer concerts, street performances and a movie festival.

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