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Novo Mesto is a city as well as a municipality in southeastern Slovenia. It is considered the chief economic, administrative, cultural, religious, educational and sports center of Dolenjska region.

Novo Mesto was founded by Habsburg Archduke Rudolf IV of Austria on 7 April 1365 as Rudolfswert (Rudolfovo). However, settlements had been in this area since pre-historic times. After the dissolution of Austro-Hungarian Empire following the World War I, Rudolfovo was renamed to Novo Mesto, name by which it was informally known since its foundation. During World War II the city passed back and forth between Germany and Italy, finally settling in German hands. Its destiny was afterwards similar to other Slovenian towns; it became a part of Yugoslavia and late independent Slovenia.

Town Municipality of Novo Mesto was founded in 1994. Its area is 298.5 square kilometers. The population is 40,925 people with the density 137.1 inhabitants per square kilometers.

In Novo Mesto there have always been important church institutions, which have taken an active part in the matters of the town itself and other parts of Dolenjska. On 7 April 2006 it became the seat for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Novo Mesto. The main church in city is dedicated to Saint Nocholas and is an originally Gpthic building that was rebuilt in the Baroque style in the 17th century.

In the Old Town of Novo Mesto one will find a cobbled square with its arcaded shops and cafes and can explore narrow streets beyond, there also are grand mansions and traditional houses, some clinging precariously to the cliff above the river. The Gothic church, Kapitelj, has a baroque interior with a Tintoretto altar piece, 18th century marquetry choir stalls and a fine lofty crypt under the chancel. The market is on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Quite interesting is also Dolenjska Museum and Otočec Castle that lies on an island in the river Krka. It was once the base of the Commander who defeated the Turks at Kostanjevica, now it's a hotel.

Today, tourism is increasing in Slovenia, and Novo Mesto is feeling some of the effects of this. The Krka Valley, where it lies, is becoming a place for wine lovers tasting the wine on different places in Lower Carniola region.

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