Saklıkent Canyon

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Saklıkent Canyon

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GPS N36.47322°,E29.405873°
Saklıkent (Hidden City) is located in Atalanya region, 36 kilometres south of Fethiye. It is the second largest canyon in Europe and the longest and deepest gorge in Turkey with the length of 20 kilometres. The gorge was created by torrents rushing through mountains. Only 4 kilometres of the gorge are walkable. It is possible to visit the canyon from April, when all the snow from Taurus Mountains has melted. However, the best time to visit this place is summer; gorge is a shady place with cold water. There is no accommodation for tourists in the gorge itself, but outside of the gorge one can find treehouse accommodation. There are some restaurants there as well (also in the gorge itself). There are guided tours available; some of them offer also canoying trips to the gorge.

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