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Citigroup Center is located on 601 Lexington Avenue between 53rd Street and 54th Street in midtown Manhattan, New York City. It is one of the city’s tallest skyscrapers. It has 59 floors and it is 279 metres (915 feet) tall. It is an office building with 120,000 square metres (1.3 million square feet) office space. It was originally built for Citibank. With the company's expansion, the building was first renamed Citicorp Center and later to present Citigroup Center.

The construction of Citigroup Center took three years; it started in 1974 and was finished in 1977. The architect was Hugh Stubbins Jr. from Stubbins Associates, Emery Roth & Sons. The architects were recognized with an Honor Award from the American Institute of Architects in 1979. The total cost of the building was 195 million dollars. It is famous for its design, the top of the building is angled in 45 degrees and the base is in a stilt-style. The façade is covered with aluminum and reflective glass clad.

The slanted top is 49 metres (160 feet) tall and solar panels were planned to be put there but this idea was eventually dropped. The rooftop now houses the building's mechanical equipment; including a computer controlled tuned mass damper that enables the reduced number of vertical supports and ensures the stability of this building. The roof was reclad in 2004.

Citigroup Center stands on four massive 34-metre (114-foot) columns. This kind of base was an agreement between Citibank and the St. Peter's Lutheran Church. The Church sold its property on Lexington Avenue to Citibank because of financial problems it faced under the condition that the bank would build a new church replacing their 1904 Gothic Revival church. However, the church had to stand on the same site and as an independent building, not incorporated in the office tower. The columns were placed at the center of each side rather than at the corners. This way, the design opened enough space in the northwest corner for the new St. Peter's Church.

The Citigroup Center includes a large sunken plaza and a 7-story atrium at the base of the tower with three stories of restaurants and shops.
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